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More than 100'000 active spies in Europe, even more in the United states...

More 370'000 surveillance operators working for Private Intelligence...

In estimation, more than one out of five decision maker undergo surveillance without even knowing it...

But to know it, you have to be able to detect it !

Counter-surveillance is a very particular skill that takes time, knowledge and a lot of practice to master.


It is a skill that not many of our concurrent can brag about.


We make sure that our team members have already completely mastered the difficult art of surveillance before they can even start learning counter-surveillance.


It guarantees that our counter-surveillance operators are the best at what they are doing.


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About half a million active spies, surveillance operators, private detectives trying to steal your information...

Garde du corps

Offering physical counter-surveillance, Eyes On Target can provide the peace of mind to focus on your objectives during your movements to sensitive location or meetings.

Our years of experience have allowed us to develop a particular technique that will point out any counterparty surveillance team.

The technique is particularly effective to identify whether your are under surveillance or not.


Offering technical counter-surveillance when you need to make sure that the location of your meeting is safe of surveillance measures and devices that could compromise the confidentiality or secrecy of your data and meeting.


One out of five decision maker undergo surveillance without even knowing it...


More than a security service, our operators are trained to detect "ghosts".

Garde du corps

We developed the techniques to identify any surveillance team.

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Dozens of spying devices are discovered by our teams on a daily basis... as much as in private properties, offices or hotel rooms

We use the best equipment to detect state of the art spying devices to give you the peace of mind required to focus on your affairs. 

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