Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance: What's The Difference?

If you're exploring the world of private investigation, you'll run across the terms surveillance and counter-surveillance. Both of these options are valuable aspects of working with a private investigation services company. Let's take a look at how these two terms are different.


Surveillance is the act of gathering information on a person or company without their knowledge. When people think of private investigation work, they usually think of surveillance. This doesn't just mean following someone around - it can also mean getting access to technology, tracking someone's car, and other ways to find out more about a person's whereabouts and activities.


Counter-surveillance is taking action to ensure that no one is following you or trying to find out what you're doing. This is a less often mentioned field of private investigation, but it's quite important if you possess sensitive information that someone else might want. We're able to search for trackers and other pieces of technology that may otherwise go unnoticed by your team. If you even have an idea that someone might be trying to get your information, it's important that you have counter-surveillance in place to make sure you and your team are protected.


At EOT Field Investigation & Consulting, we're able to meet both your surveillance and counter-surveillance needs. If you're working to get information on someone else, surveillance services could be a great help to you. If you're working to protect yourself and make sure that no one is accessing your information, counter-surveillance is an option you may want to explore. If you're not sure exactly what you need in the field of intelligence, we'd love to chat with you to suggest which of our services may make the most sense for you.