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Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain Investigation

A step into the future !

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain is the technology of tomorrow; and growing by the minute.

Since 2021 the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is kicking in and many take the jump blindfolded.

Being very new, the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) is still very high and risks are very real !

Zero legal tender...

Decentralised, cryptocurrencies are not issued by any central banks. Making it the most preferred choice for criminal activities like money laundering, terrorism and frauds.

4.33$ Billions... is the amount netted in 2019 by criminals from crypto related crimes and scams.

Security threats...

600$ Millions hacked from the Poly Network... the biggest crypto hack up to this date !

Digital currencies are available online, which makes them vulnerable to hack. Despite the fact that exchanges and individuals are taking extra measures to secure their funds, hackers will find ways to steal.

Too many to choose from...

The number of digital currencies have grown tremendously. 6101 listed coins so far and more projects are underway, although the industry has seen many fall immediately after their launch, giving investors a good reason to worry and creating more uncertainty.

Volatile nature...

Cryptocurrencies are the most volatile investment in the world. The price might drastically drop or rise just within a few minutes.

At Eyes On Target we have the solution !

Certified Digital Currencies Investigators by McAfee Institute, it makes us your best partner to :

  • Study, Identify and manage risks related to cryptocurrencies.

  • Identify, investigate and neutralize frauds, scams and threats.

  • And, trace and recover funds stolen or issued from scams.

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"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game"


Blockchains are open source ledger databases that provides an immutable, transparent, and cryptographically verifiable logs. Although, all this being true, fraudsters and criminals have ingenious ways to remain untraceable. Mixers and tumblers are all tools that makes tracing crypto-assets very tedious, needing through analyses and patience.

At Eyes On Target we use powerful tools and software allowing us to reconstitute the most complicated money trails. Searching and analyzing spending patterns, we can establish profiles and identify criminal networks operating on chain.

"Cryptocurrencies are anonymous". While this remain true for only a few cryptocurrencies and blockchain like Monero; this commonly wrong assumed idea has caused many criminals, scammers and fraudsters to act wrongfully.

However, on chain analyze is still a time consuming activity requiring thorough, precise and diligent analyse.

Our cryptocurrencies experts are trained to analyse on chain activities. Our training and expertise makes us very accurate to identify illicit activities, study new projects, interpret social sentiment, etc.

Combining powerful software, macro and micro analysis, we are looking at all aspects, providing our customers with decisive intelligence.


Billions are plifered annually through a variety of cryptocurrency scams. The way things are going, this will only get worse.

Rug-pull, soft-rug, honey pot, pump-and-dump scam or even the old fashioned Ponzi Scheme... the list is non exhaustive.

More than 80$ millions lost in cryptocurrencies scams in 2020, a 1000% increase from the previous year.

Involved in cryptocurrencies at the early stages, we have learned how to detect them and track them down using on chain analyse and studying spending patterns. It allows us to collect the smallest leads leading to the perpetrator's ID.

Even better, we established a process allowing us to pick up intel indicating a risk of scam before it happens. It is the perfect solution for those who wishes to make sure their future investment  will not be looted through scams.

If you are thinking of investing or trading in Crypto, it is capital that you not only understand your risk limit, but get a deep insight about the Crypto Market and the coin you want to invest in. It is also advisable to get insight on the founders of a crypto project and the businesses and individuals behind it.

At EOT we have several years experience in Due Diligence and Investigation. We have created a methodology combining classical tactics with our cryptocurrencies and blockchain knowledge using on chain analysis and social sentiment, guaranteeing you to receive the most complete and accurate analyse. 


"It is a very important and advantageous skill one can have that allows them to see into the future and act toward it in the present"