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Since our opening, we have devoted our attention to your needs and requests through our private field investigators. First, we want to schedule a first contact with each client to understand their situation and propose the best strategy to reach their objectives. Then, a team of experts will be assigned to your mission. Trust our experienced professionals to provide you with outstanding service.

About us

Since its creation, our company has the necessary experience to offer high quality services closely conditioned to the customer’s needs. Former members of the special forces and former field operative for an Intelligence business multinational company, our team has a rich expertise in the sector, and is attentive to the protection of your confidential data. In our work, we are committed to satisfy and help our customers. Browse our website to discover our assets, services or skills we can use to your advantage.

Field Investigation

We offer a variety of services designed to solve cases, from legal investigations to corporate problems. All these years of experience have taught us how to handle each project professionally and discreetly. In addition, we are committed to protect the privacy of every customer while delivering accurate and timely results.

Private Investigation

Winning tactics

The world is becoming more uncertain and finding someone reliable always makes it harder. But with our services, you'll get all the intelligence you need. Work with EOT Field Investigation & Consulting and we'll guarantee you a fast and accurate service.

Information gathering

Intelligence is key

Because intelligence is key to success, we offer a specialised service to obtain hard to get information. Employing HUMINT and OSINT technics we use our skills to your benefits and needs.


Thorough and discreet

In our work, we aim to meet the needs of our customers, providing them with all the necessary information. We also use state-of-the-art technology. Whether you are an individual or a company, contact us for a first consultation and to benefit from our services and strategies.


Our skills and technology at your services

Because you never know who is listening or watching, make sure to protect your stakes, meeting or movement by using our counter-surveillance services. We have the technology to analyse your meetings location making sure that no surveillance device was previously installed. We can also secure your movement to sensitive location to make sure you are not followed.

Residency or location confirmation

Precise and efficiant

This is a highly requested service, and we are happy to provide it to those who need it. Our team of professionals will be ready to work for you in the event of a complicated and time-consuming task, so that you can guarantee a reliable and impeccable service.

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Free consultation

Understanding your needs to provide you with the best personalised services, is our priority !


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EOT Field Investigation & Consulting puts its clients first. Contact us today for more information about our services.

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