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Information gathering

Intelligence is key

Internet, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, the news applications, etc...

We have never been more misinformed than now in the Information Age. 

Not mentioning that about 85% of all informations online is unreliable.

On top of that, the history has shown that Information is the best political tool for manipulation.

Today there is so much information everywhere that you cannot even know if the information or the source is reliable and truthful, or simply here to manipulate you or misinform you.

So when you go online to find an information to build your case, protect your interest or reputation or support your project or investment, it is absolutely capital that you can be a 100% sure of this information !

Fortunately you can count on Eyes On Target to provide you clarity in this difficult, time consuming task.

At EOT, our team of researcher have developed specific skills to always find the most accurate and most critical information for your case or project.


We also rely on our years of experience which helped us develop a network allowing us to save precious time and money.

On top of that, we have trained some of our operators to develop inter-human relationships' skills allowing to acquire source specific to your case or project.

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Global communication network

"The one who figures on victory at headquarters before even doing battle is the one who has the most strategic factors on his side."


With so many social media and everyone publishing hundreds of thousands of data by the second, it is almost impossible to keep track if you are not trained.

This is why at EOT we have trained experts, so that we can help you by doing the arduous task while you can simply beneficiate of the information you need.

Those are the skills that makes the difference and almost none of our concurrents are practicing this extra special technique.

Specifically trained, our operatives can infiltrate networks, acquire sources, and obtain success in complexe negotiation.


One of the most ancient, simple and yet very effective method again forgotten by most of our concurrents.

This simple technique allowed us to solve complete complexe asset tracing, corruption, and money laundering cases, which directly beneficiated our clients and save them literally millions.

"The one who figures on inability to prevail at headquarters before doing battle is the one who has least strategic factors on his side."

Trained by ADN Group, we use the same methodology as governmental agencies' negotiation's teams


We acquired the methodology from The Congruency Group, it makes us the best to acquire and develop sources


This Paul Ekman International certification, make us redoutable interviewer capable to evaluate the most closed characters


Trained by Hayatt Analysis Services, we are capable to analyse any statement and detect deception


"The one with many strategic factors in his favors wins, the one with few strategic factors in his favors loses – how much the more so for one with no strategic factors in his favor.


Observing the matter in this way, I can see who will win and who will lose."