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Private Investigation

Winning tactics

Conducting an investigation necessitates meticulous tactics and strategies.

It is very time consuming because it requires to confirm or dismiss all the leads acquired. Plus, the way you acquired those leads is important too as it could ruin your complete investigation if acquired the wrong way.

Often Legal Consultant don't even know where to start an investigation and this is why many of them, the smart ones, have decided to team up with Eyes On Target.

Because they know how important it is to entrust those task upon professionals. It gives them a real hedge in their cases allowing them to present real tangible proofs.

Teaming up with us allows them to focus on presenting facts, while our team of experts are on the field collecting them and therefore, saving them precious time.

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"Foreknowledge cannot be gotten from ghosts and spirits, cannot be had by analogy, cannot be found out by calculation. It must be obtained from people, people who know the conditions of the opponent."

Global communication network

Scams, fraud, corruption, when you are an investor or a decision maker risks are everywhere. This is why we employ the best compliance investigators who have experience in the banking, legal and consulting industry. So that you can beneficiate of the best and most accurate analyse to help you make your best decision.

Fraudsters are becoming more and more clever when it comes to hide their assets.

Tracing those assets can quickly become a very consuming tasks. And it can take month and month to establish one single money trail.

At EOT our financial professionals have years of experience in tracing money. But most important they love what they do. This is what makes our team the best to discover money trails.

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At Eyes On Target, our investigation unit likes fraud.

To identify and combat it for many years, in Africa, in Europe but also in South America, we are constantly impressed by the ingenuity of the criminals.

Whether it is to plunder the intellectual property of companies, counterfeit their products or services or simply damage their reputation.

We like fraud... because we are the best to identify it, then investigate it and finally fight it.

However it is necessary to be aware of its existence first. Because 87% of companies that are victims of fraud are not aware of it !

Good news ! You don't have to be part of the 87%, you just have to contact us and a member of our team will schedule a call and start helping you avoid and investigate fraud right away !

Inside a private entity, an industry, or on a governmental level, corruption is everywhere. Often deeply hidden under the cogs of meticulous processes, it is very difficult to detect. Almost impossible to fight on your own. 

Contacting Eyes On Target and teaming up with professionals, is the right decision. It proves that you are ready to tackle it upfront the smart way !


Every business and organisation faces the risk of unexpected harmful events that can cost the company money or worse, cause it to permanently close.


Identifying those risks allows organisations to attempt to prepare for the unexpected by minimising risks and extra costs before they happen.

Our Counterintelligence Threat Analyst Certification from the McAfee Institute, makes Eyes On Target your best partner to identify and manage risks.


Our strategies consist of implementing a risk management plan and considering the various potential risks or events before they even occur, saving your organisation money and protecting its future. 

Black markets, underground selling points, deep web... 

Counterfeit products, brands and medicaments are easy to find and represent an amount of more than 500$ Billion of brand products... More than 21$ Billion worth of counterfeit medicaments...

Beside the harm they do to the consumers, it is making your organisation lose Billions !

Infiltrating those networks is often the only way to bring them down but it is something you wouldn't even consider in the real world, thinking, only government agencies have this capacity...

And yet at EOT  we have a successful palmares of covert operations, infiltrating networks, acquiring and developing sources that all led to bringing down the criminal organisations and saving our clients Billions of loses.


"If you know yourself but not the opponent, for every victory gained, you will also suffer defeat"