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Eyes On Target

Filed Investigation & Business Intelligence

Since its creation, our company has had the necessary skills to offer high quality services, closely conditioned to the needs of our clients.


Former members of the special forces and former field agents for a multinational intelligence company, our team has a wealth of experience in the sector, and is attentive to the protection of your confidential data.


In our work, we are committed to satisfying and helping our customers. Browse our website to discover our assets, services or skills that we can put to good use for you.

Who are our services for?

Investors - Banks

Whether you are an investor, in the banking industry, or a decision maker, you know as well as we do that the risk of fraud is everywhere. Ensuring the reputation of your associates or partners before any investment in order to protect your capital is absolutely necessary. A discreet and meticulous partner, who can be relied on at all times when it comes to conducting reputation surveys, is certainly a valuable asset.

Law firms

Whether you are a law firm or in the legal field, to be able to entrust the collection of information, the location of a person, or the search for evidence to a professional investigator, he must be a trusted partner , discreet with special skills that we, at Eyes On Target, know how to use for the interest of our clients.


Or if you are in the insurance business, we do not need to tell you that the sum of the losses suffered by insurance companies related to fraud, is exorbitant. This is why when it comes to performing surveillance tasks to fight, unmask and investigate fraud, it is crucial to be able to call on a reactive, versatile and specialist partner, capable of intervening in all types of environment.

Discover our entire area of expertise ...

Our services

We offer a variety of services designed to resolve complex cases, ranging from legal investigations to business issues. The expertise acquired over the years and mandates allow us to guarantee you professional, discreet and efficient management of your projects.

Nos services


Founded by a Special Forces NCO, we provide a strategic intelligence advantage. We can operate anywhere in the world and in any environment  without being detected. We are your trusted partner for all surveillance tasks.


Because you never know who is watching you, make sure you protect your stakes, meetings or travel with our counter-surveillance services. With advanced technology we are able to detect  spy devices, as well as any opposing team.

Address confirmation

Confirming the activity of an address is an essential step in an investigation. Master of espionage techniques, we can intervene quickly and discreetly to provide you with the confirmation essential to your investigation which will allow you  to move forward serenely . 


The world is becoming increasingly uncertain and find someone reliable is  always more and more difficult. With our services, you will have all the information you need. Collaborate  with EOT and you will be guaranteed to get VIP service.

Information gathering

Because intelligence is the key to success, we offer a specialized service to obtain information that is difficult to access. By using advanced HUMINT and OSINT techniques, we put our skills to work for you.

Cryptocurrency  & Blockchain

Crypto and Blockchain are the Tech of tomorrow. To navigate this new world, it is important to be able to count on professionals whom we can trust. At EOT, our certifications in this area make us your best partner.








More about us.

Intelligence strategist specialized in surveillance and counter-surveillance, we offer a variety of services designed to resolve complex cases, ranging from legal investigations to business issues and advanced reputation investigation.


All these years of experience, training and certification in HUMINT, OSINT, lie detection, credibility evaluation, negotiation and many more, we have learned to handle each project thoroughly  and discreetly.

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