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Address Confirmation

Serving court documents to someone who hides away from justice is no easy task. It may take months, or even years, before you can finally demonstrate that the person has been served. All the while, it's actually your client who is penalized and is waiting on an already slow process.

Teaming up with Eyes On Target will make your job much easier and save you precious time allowing you to fully focus on your cases, naturally growing your efficiency which will beneficiate your reputation.

Our experts can give you the confirmation you need so you can focus on the essentials.

Our ability to locate anyone, anywhere, makes us the best partner for your law firm. Our services can save you time and money, making your clients the real beneficiaries, while increasing your efficiency. Our investigative strategies and tactics can really boost your business.

In addition, being a private investigator recognized and authorized by the Department of Security and Economy (DSE) of the State of Geneva, we have access to several official registers, which is essential for a thorough due diligence.

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