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Investigation services
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Investors - Banks

In the financial field, it is important to find out beforehand who we are about to do business with. Every day we see more and more scams. Doing business with the wrong person or the wrong company can seriously damage you financially or damage your reputation. This is the reason why, at our Due Diligence department, we work with the best compliance officers that have experience in banking, legal and advisory sectors. This guarantees that all our investigations are thorough.

Law firms

Much more than a collaboration, it is truly a complementary service that we offer to our partners in the legal field. Whether it is helping you find the evidence or looking for new elements through investigation. Or, Confirmation or verification, on the field, of elements  through a proven investigation methodology. Or whether it is to find or identify informants, witnesses or suspects, our services already supports several firms. This allows them to gain an investigative partner at their full disposal, while they can concentrate in detail on their cases. 


In Europe, on average more than 10% of the total amount of claims declared corresponds to the amount that insurance companies are stolen each year, directly linked to fraud. This represents several millions for each one of the companies independently. To fight against this growing and devastating phenomenon, it is important to be able to deploy a team in the field to conduct surveillance to expose fraud. Find a professional team,  mastering all the complex and unique aspects of surveillance and being able to remain invisible in the same time is a complex task in itself.  Confidentiality is also an essential point. At Eyes On Target we have a very strict data protection and privacy policy. Specialist in surveillance, we have the ability to operate in any type of terrain and environment  while remaining invisible in order to collect high quality evidence.


Institutions are often the target of groups without morals, doing everything to they can to try to discredit them and damage their reputation. Whether it is a matter of propaganda, an attempt to manipulate public opinion, or even the establishment of a "Sting Operation" aimed at creating constraining situations in order to expose them, it is important to team up with an investigation specialist in order to be able to defend and protect yourself. Intelligence strategist, our professionals will be able to support you and plan a strategy capable of defending your interests and protecting your reputation in order to bring you the peace of mind required to achieve your goals.


Whether you have a complex case to solve, a scam you must face, or, you suspect you are the object of espionage, our services are oriented to accompany you step by step in order to protect your interests and to help you solve your problem. Available, efficient, and attentive to detail, Eyes On Target is committed to do everything possible to achieve your goals. Whether it is through investigation, operation or surveillance, our services will be a great advantage no matter what you project is.

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