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Private Investigation

Conducting an investigation requires careful tactics and strategies. It takes a long time because it requires confirming or rejecting all the acquired leads. More so, the way you acquire these leads is also important. It is important because it could completely ruin your investigation if acquired the wrong way.

Often times, legal consultants don't even know where to start an investigation and that is why many of them; the crafty ones; have decided to team up with Eyes On Target. They are conscious how important it is to entrust these tasks to professionals. It gives them a real advantage  for their files, allowing them to present real tangible evidence.

Teaming up with EOT allows them to focus on presenting facts, while our team of experts are on the ground to collect them, saving our partners precious time.

Scroll down or contact us directly to learn more about our investigation services.


Due Diligence

Scams, fraud, corruption, etc.

When you are an investor or a decision maker, risks are everywhere. That's why we employ the best compliance officers with experience in banking, legal, and advisory sector. So that you can benefit from the finest and most accurate analysis to help you make the best decision.

Asset Tracing

Fraudsters are getting smarter and smarter when it comes to hiding their assets.

Tracking these assets can quickly become a very time and energy and consuming task. Besides, it can take months and months to establish a single money trail.

At EOT, our finance professionals have years of experience in asset tracing. But even more importantly, they love what they are doing. This is what makes our team the best at uncovering hidden assets.

Fight against corruption

Within a private entity, industry or government level, corruption is everywhere. Often deeply hidden under the cogs of complex processes, it is very difficult to detect. Almost impossible to fight alone.

At EOT our methodologies and our international network allow us to acquire global information to meet your needs.

Contacting Eyes On Target and teaming up with our professionals is the right decision! 

Fight against fraud

At Eyes On Target, our investigative unit loves fraud.

Having identified and fought it for many years, in Africa, Europe but also in South America, we are constantly impressed by the ingenuity of criminals.

Whether it is robbing corporate intellectual property, counterfeiting their products or services, or simply damaging their reputation.

We love fraud ... because we're the best at identifying it, then at investigating it, and finally at fighting it.

However, it is firstly necessary to be aware of its existence. 87% of companies victims of fraud are not even aware of it!

Good news ! You can be one of the 13%, all you need to do is to contact us and a member of our team will schedule a call and start helping you avoiding and investigating fraud right away!

Secret Investigation

Black markets, underground points of sale, deep web ...

Counterfeit products, brands and drugs are easy to find and cost a ton of money. Over $ 500 billion in counterfeit branded products and, 

more than $ 21 billion in counterfeit drugs are circulating in the markets right now ...

In addition to the harm they cause consumers, it costs your organization billions!

Infiltrating these networks is often the only way to bring them down. But it's something many would never consider in the real world, believing that only government agencies have this ability ...

And yet at EOT we already have a track record of success in covert operations, infiltration of networks, acquisition and development of informants which have all led to bring down criminal organizations and save our clients billion losses.

Due Diligence
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