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Our network and our local and international intervention capacity, developed over time, have enabled us to resolve complex cases for our clients. Whether in Africa to infiltrate counterfeit drug manufacturing networks, or in Europe to establish surveillance on an individual wanted by Europol and several governments, our experience and success has been a major asset for our clients. Our operational services have been a real resource for our customers, allowing them to obtain a  proven advantage  in their industry and against their opponents in the event of conflict. Our investigation methodologies have been built over several year of experience, allowing our clients to solve all kinds of complexe cases.

01. Certified

In our industry it is important to keep up to date on intelligence acquisition techniques and methods, HUMINT (Human Intelligence) methods, surveillance techniques, investigation methodologies, and many more. That is why at Eyes On Target we are constantly training  and practicing regularly. Our various certifications, such as:

  • Counter-Surveillance & Anti-Surveillance specialist

  • Detecting deception and body language, enhanced interpersonal communication skills and increasing  awareness  and building report - The Congruency Group

  • Complex negotiation and lie detection - ADN Group

  • Deception detection through statement analysis - Hayatt Analysis Services

  • Evaluating truthfulness and credibility - Paul Ekman International

  • Certified Counterintelligence Threat Analyst (CCTA) - McAfee Institut

  • Certified Cyber Intelligence Professional (CCIP) - McAfee Institut

  • Certified Digital Currencies Investigator (CDCI) - McAfee Institut

make us intelligence, field investigation and surveillance specialist.

02. Experienced

During our career, we have intervened on all continents. Whether it is surveillance in hostile territory, urban environment or during special events. Whether it is a secret investigation requiring infiltration of a network. Or it may be a simple Due Diligence investigation. We have been able to adapt, be polyvalent, fast, efficient and attentive to our customers, in order to guarantee them a high quality service and provide them with  a relevant result in any investigation.

Here are some of our biggest successes:

  • Infiltration of a network producing and selling counterfeit drugs - Cameroon

  • Surveillance of a surveillance aware and wanted individual by Europol and several governments - Germany

  • Level 3 due diligence regarding an investment in a gold mine - Kenya

  • Infiltration of a company to investigate and identify internal thefts - Switzerland

  • Investigation of government officials regarding a corruption case involving multiple judges -  Benin

03. Thorough

We treat each client as our partner and we are constantly listening to their needs to support them at each stage of our project. We work with our legal advisers to ensure that each of our actions are legal in order to guarantee the protection of our clients' interests. As true professionals, we are committed to guaranteeing the confidentiality of our clients at all times. On the other hand, we are concerned to stay at the forefront of technology regarding our operational equipment, in order to guarantee a precise and high-quality result. Thorough during our investigation, we are making sure to pay close attention to every detail.


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