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Finding the right surveillance team can be incredibly difficult, costly  and time consuming.  Hiring the wrong team can also put your whole investigation or project at risk.

Between those who pretend they've never been compromised, or the private detectives who spend most of their careers investigating adultery cases and claiming to be "surveillance experts", and examples of compromised operations and failed surveillance due to a lack of skills are no shortage of!

Moreover, for these current surveillance affairs, they are great and will do very well. But when it comes to:

  • HVT (High Value Target)

  • VIP

  • Politicians

  • or, involves governments and / or international affairs,

they are quickly limited.  

At Eyes On Target, we all have a professional background from the military or the government. We therefore understand how important the third parties awareness is, during a surveillance operation.  We understand how important it is to work undetected as a team, on surveillance aware targets.  We know how to operate surveillance in an urban, rural and / or particular environment.  We work closely with a team of legal advisers who ensure that all of our actions are legal and that our evidence and information gathered during our surveillance operations can be used in court.

At Eyes On Target, our teams have the ability to be deployed anywhere in the world, and most importantly, we have the ability to operate in an hostile environment.

Scroll down or contact us directly to learn more about our surveillance services.



Able to immerse ourselves in any type of environment, we have the ability to intervene anywhere in the world and keep control over any type of target during our surveillance operation. Working as a team, we know how to keep the target under control while reducing our exposure.


Blending into the environment to become invisible is an art that we master to perfection during our surveillance operations. Able to intervene anywhere in the world to observe all activities on a site or a particular location, our experts will remain undetectable during any surveillance.

GEO Tracking

A technological type of surveillance, we use cutting edge technology, discreet and robust equipment, we have the ability to track and locate our target at any time. Observing its movements from a distance, we can keep any kind of target under control while remaining invisible. 

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