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Information Gathering

Internet, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, News App etc.

We have never been so badly informed as we are today in the information age. Not to mention that about 85% of all information online is unreliable. On top of that, history has shown us that information is the best political tool to influence people.

Today there is so much information everywhere that it is extremely difficult to know if the information or the source is reliable and truthful, or if it is here, just to influence or misinform you. Therefore, when going online to look for information in order to build your case, protect your interests and reputation or even support your project or investment, it is absolutely essential to be able to rely a 100% on this information!

Thankfully, you can count on Eyes On Target to provide you with clarity in this difficult and tedious task.

At EOT, our team of researchers have developed specific skills in order to always find the most precise and relevant information for your file or project. We as well rely on our years of experience which has helped us to develop a network which saves us time and resources.

In addition to this, we have trained some of our operators in order to develop interhuman relations skills giving us the ability to acquire informants specifically for your case.

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These are the skills that make the difference. And yet none of our competitors practice this particular and extremely effective technique. Specifically trained, our agents can infiltrate networks, acquire informants and achieve success in complex negotiations.

Here are some specifics about our HUMINT service.

Complex negotiation

Formed by ADN Group, we use the same methodology as the negotiating teams of government agencies such as the GIGN or GIPN.

Enhanced interpersonal communication skills and building report

We learned this methodology from the Congruency Group, it makes us the best at acquiring and developing sources.

Evaluating truthfulness and credibility

This Paul Ekman International certification makes us formidable interviewer capable of evaluating the most closed characters.

Deception detection through statement analysis

Trained by Hayatt Analysis Services, we are able to analyze any statement and detect deception.


With so much media and everyone exchanging hundreds of thousands of data per second, it is nearly impossible to navigate through it if you're not trained.

That is why at EOT we have experts trained to go through this tough jobs for you, so that you can just focus on the information you need.


One of the simplest and oldest methods, yet very effective, but forgotten by the majority of our competitors.

This simple technique has enabled us to solve complex cases of asset tracing, corruption and money laundering. This method has literally saved our customers millions.

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