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Surveillance - A Due Diligence investigation 2.0

For a seasoned investor or a banking institution finding good deals with the potential of a juicy ROI is rarely the problem.

Ensuring the legitimacy of an investment and not being scammed is different story...

That is why I decided to share with my readers how, we at Eyes On Target, use Due Diligence to prevent you from getting scammed and protect your interests by studying the counterparty.


Surveillance: an investment asset for an optimal risk management

There is no shortage of investment opportunities, but how many never see the light because of a suspicious detail that you did not have the ability to confirm or eliminate and made you give up the opportunity?

Investing, regardless of the sector, field or product, necessarily involves a risk. Moreover, generally, the greater the risk, the better the return will be if successful. Therefore, risk management is an integral part of our investment strategy and the risk limit to be taken varies from one investor to another.

Therefore the first difficulty is the conduct of a meticulous due diligence. In addition, great frustration arises when one is unable to obtain relevant information or when obtaining it requires the use of unconventional methods.

But, making this extra effort to really explore all avenues and look for this key information that can completely change the game of our business is often what differentiates a successful investor or banking institution from the others.

However, traditional due diligence is often modeled on a classic and generalized process that lets slip a significant number of key details. And, very often executed in the comfort of one's own office, where the only external actions are to make a few phone calls. Therefore the identification, confirmation or elimination of red flags is strongly affected and is no less than approximate.

Moreover, many of these could have been eliminated through the use of field operations or surveillance.

Indeed, in order to really be able to carry out a meticulous and effective due diligence, it is essential to explore the field in order to acquire key information that is not accessible from the comfort of your office or through phone calls and emails alone.

Field operations when carried out by professionals are a powerful tool that makes it possible to acquire essential elements that would otherwise have remained suspended or, very often, would have even been undetected. Surveillance allows you to go into detail in the verification of red flags which makes it easier to approach the risk related to the investment in a comfortable way without having to worry about the risk of scam.

"Before every investment, going the extra mile to find key intelligence that can completely change the game of a business is the best protection in terms of risk management."

How can field operations benefit you for your investments?

Once the red flag has been identified, the next step is often the critical phase because it will decide the viability and legitimacy of an investment. Indeed, the number of red flags that remain must be analyzed meticulously because they will determine the risk factor.

An investigation service that can operate from the field can allow you to eliminate more red flags that would otherwise have remained suspended. It allows an in-depth analysis of the various elements found, which leads to a much more precise risk management than when only using traditional methods.

Field operations also allows the collection of leading sources in order to get an accurate sentiment about the key players in the project.

Finally, field operations allows for the identification of more red flags, making the risk factor of your investment lower. The key is to design a system that can filter out actors who are higher risk than others, so that you can focus your efforts on those who are most likely to succeed.

Essentially, thanks to the smart use of surveillance methods, it is now possible to make much more informed decisions about where you want to put your money. Therefore, once investors are armed with this type of information about their future investments, they can be sure that their money is much less likely to fall into the hands of a scammer.

Visit our service page and book your free consultation right away to find out how you too can benefit our surveillance services to protect your investments.

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