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Surveillance at the service of law firms

A formidable method to support and win your cases!!


Surveillance is a very sensitive term that has been used in different sectors over the years.

In the legal field, often the only way to obtain concrete leads or evidence in a difficult case is to obtain it directly on the ground through advanced surveillance and investigation techniques. In this article, I will present a case that we dealt with several years ago, and that allowed a law firm to build a solid case and win it for its client.

A scam story solved through surveillance

Several years ago, our agency was contacted by a law firm in charge of a case involving a couple in the process of separation. The couple's case was centered on the company they owned. Our client, a law firm based on the French Riviera, represented the husband, who, after a judgment, was legally the beneficiary of the company and all its assets. However, the case took a bad turn when his wife refused to leave the company, and took hostage of its assets...

When we were contacted and read the file, the situation was as follows.

After the separation, the wife refused to allow her husband to have any contact with the business she continued to run. To help her in her endeavor, she hired a man to assist her. When the separation judgment was rendered, it stipulated that the company would return to the husband, which displeased his wife, who quickly devised a fraudulent scheme to prevent this from happening.

She said she had to close the business because the man, hired a few months earlier, had extorted her company's assets and sold them. This included the company's van, which was crucial to its day-to-day operations.

Everyone assumed that the young woman's account was false - the husband, his parents, and especially his lawyer. But how to prove it?


"An example that highlights the undeniable benefits of surveillance for your legal affairs. Surveillance can be valuable Whether you are a law firm, an independent lawyer, an in-house lawyer or a legal professional."

Surveillance – The game changer

The law firm knew that only a professional surveillance agency could obtain the kind of confidential information they needed to establish the truth.

That's when we come into play...

After learning of the case, we deploy to the field and put the target under surveillance. The objective is to establish whether she is still operating a so-called closed business and to determine whether the assets - including the van - are still in her possession and in her use.

The first few days we didn't see much activity, except for a visit from a man. His identity was not known until the next day, when he returned to the ex-wife's home. This revelation kicks off a whole new story.

It turned out that the man involved was actually the same person the ex-woman had initially hired to run her business and who she said later extorted her and sold all her belongings, including "the famous van".

Stockholm syndrome being very unlikely, we quickly understood that the woman had lied about the whole story.

The next night, we followed the target in a suburb a few kilometers from her home: It was the residence of her lover. After going upstairs and staying in the apartment for several minutes, the target and her lover went down and got into her vehicle. We follow them to another residential area, where they parked their vehicle at the end of a street before walking down that same street. We then see them get into a white van, corresponding to the company van that had been supposedly sold by the extortionist who, at that precise moment, was at the wheel with the ex-wife as a passenger. The rest of the night, we followed them carrying out operations related to the company.

During the following days, we see them performing a series of operations, involving the company and the van. After each end of service, they drive the van to an area several kilometers from the ex-wife's home and that of her lover. We also identify a third member of their scam operation: the cousin of the ex-wife's lover.

Ultimately, our investigation revealed three important truths. The first is that this whole story is a scam. Second, it is an extortion plot perpetrated by one of the lovers. Third, the ex-wife still runs the business and is in possession of all its assets.

After that we kept the van under control to prevent it from disappearing again and the ex-wife getting rid of it to try to erase the evidence when the judge summons her for this scam attempt.

In conclusion, the end result was positive for all parties involved – at least, all on the right side of the law. Thanks to our operations, the law firm providing irrefutable elements made it possible to establish a solid case that was quickly approved and resolved. The husband was able to regain control of his business that he had taken the time to build from scratch.

This example highlights the undeniable benefits of surveillance for your legal affairs. Surveillance can be valuable whether you are a law firm, an independent lawyer, an in-house lawyer or a legal professional.

If you also want to give a real boost to your files visit our service page or book a free consultation to discuss in person the benefits for your case.

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